Apple developing dual-app view mode for iPad in iOS 9, multi-user login support and 12-inch iPad

image iPad Pro rendering

The Rumor Mill does not want to give up on the oft-speculated iPad Pro, and now a new report throws even more water hoping for a big splash.

According to unnamed sources speaking with 9to5Mac, Apple is currently working on several different aspects to reinvigorate the appeal of the iPad lineup, which has recently been hit with slowing growth. Of those new features, one of them is the iPad Pro, which is apparently codenamed “J99,” along with other software enhancements that should make potential iPad owners, and current ones, plenty happy.

The first of which is a new dual-app view mode, which was speculated to be showcased last year, to start. However, according to the report, the feature was simply not ready to get shown off to the world, and so Apple continued to work on it for a future release. Which, if the report pans out, will be this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to take place at the beginning of June.

As far as the feature goes, Apple will reportedly allow users to split the screen in several ways: 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3, all depending on which app they are using and how they want to use them. Apple will also allow users to not only use two apps at the same time, but also let some apps have multiple views at the same time. This could work for Twitter clients, for example, with one screen showing the main Timeline, while another shows Mentions or DMs.

Interestingly enough, the unnamed sources say that Apple could still pull the feature if it’s not up to snuff with the rest of iOS 9, which is set to debut in June as well.

While Apple plans to showcase the feature on current-generation iPads, the real fruit of the labor is for a larger tablet, which has been called the “iPad Pro” for quite some time. The 12-inch tablet, based on the report, is codenamed “J99,” and it will reportedly be showcased later in the year. Meaning, it will more than likely not be showcased at this year’s WWDC. As it stands, the launch date for the bigger tablet is not yet finalized.

It’s worth noting, also, that for the iPad Pro Apple is apparently considering changing many different aspects of iOS for the bigger tablet, including changing Siri and Notification Center to better take advantage of the larger display. Indeed, it sounds like Apple will not simply make icons bigger, or make small changes, but better equip the software with the larger hardware to make the experience more worthwhile.

And, finally, multi-user login support is on the way, too, if the report pans out. With it, users will be able to set up separate identities on a single iPad, so that it can be shared freely, with apps accessible only to certain profiles. The feature is said to be in development now, but it will reportedly not be featured at this year’s WWDC event, but could potentially get unveiled later in the year.

The 12-inch iPad Pro is also rumored to feature a stylus, which would be a stark change of pace for Apple. However, clearly the bigger screen would make a stylus functional enough.

What do you think of the future of the iPad?

[via 9to5Mac]