Apple Watch hacked to run a web browser

Apple Watch Hacked

Nicholas Allegra a.k.a Comex seems to have hacked Apple Watch. He has published a video which shows a web browser running on Apple Watch.

Comex is a well-known hacker, and developer of jailbreak tools such as JailbreakMe and Spirit, which were the easiest jailbreaks ever to be released, as it allowed users to jailbreak their iPhone using mobile Safari.

The Apple Watch doesn’t come pre-installed with Safari. As you can see in the video, he has managed to hack Apple Watch to load Google’s homepage in a web browser. He also taps and holds on the screen to access the familiar Copy/Define options. It is not possible to search as a QWERTY keyboard is not available for Apple Watch. Navigating across the webpage on the small screen doesn’t look very practical.

Apple Watch runs Watch OS, which is a version of iOS 8.2, with a custom UI called Carousel instead of SpringBoard. SpringBoard is the standard application that manages the home screen on the the iPhone and iPad. This is the first time the Apple Watch has been hacked. It is not clear if Comex has managed to jailbreak Apple Watch as he hasn’t explicitly mentioned it. But he does point out that “Watch OS is based on UIKit already, but the SDK doesn’t allow running any native code.”

It would be pretty cool to jailbreak Apple Watch. We recently listed down some of the reasons why we want to jailbreak Apple Watch, though running a web browser to surf on it wasn’t one of them.

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