Both the ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ reportedly set to feature Force Touch

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Force Touch has become a cornerstone feature for Apple as of late, being a major factor in the Apple Watch and introduced with certain MacBook trackpads.

Recently, a report surfaced that outlined iOS 9’s readiness for Force Touch, detailing how the feature will be implemented in the “iPhone 6s.” Now, based on information provided by Economic Daily News, Apple’s original plans to keep Force Touch exclusive to the “iPhone 6s Plus” have been tossed out, and Apple does indeed plan on introducing the feature in the smaller variant as well.

The unnamed supply chain source outlines how Apple originally planned on keeping the feature with the larger smartphone, perhaps as a means to market the handset, but Apple apparently altered its course at some point recently, and ultimately decided to bring the hepatic feedback engine to the iPhone 6s as well. The Taiwanese-based R&D company, TPK, is rumored to still be manufacturing the Force Touch sensors for the new iPhones, which should be unveiled later this year.

If Force Touch is indeed being included with iOS and the new iPhones moving forward, it would suggest that iOS 9 will have quite a few changes laid within it, with new features and more on offer through the new input method. Indeed, the Apple Watch has quite a few features tied to the Force Touch function, so utilizing an even bigger operating system like iOS means quite a bit more options for users, too.

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