Carl Icahn still thinks an Apple television set is coming


Well, one person doesn’t want to see the Apple-branded television set rumors go down the drain just yet.

On Tuesday, May 19, investor Carl Icahn told CNBC‘s Halftime Report in a TV interview that he still believes Apple plans to release a television set. This comes hot on the heels of a report issued by The Wall Street Journal that stated Apple had abandoned its plans for an actual TV more than a year ago. Now, it’s expected that Apple will focus on a subscription TV service, and keep its primary device focus on the set-top Apple TV box.

Icahn had much to say about the WSJ’s report, though, actually saying he never read it at all, and that it had a “relatively misleading” headline. He also called the report, as a whole, “ridiculous.” Icahn would add:

I’m not backtracking in anyway. I believe they [Apple] will do a TV. That’s my belief.”

It’s an interesting stance to take, certainly. Especially considering noteworthy analyst, Gene Munster, just issued a note from Piper Jaffray that conceded they no longer believe Apple is going to release a television anytime soon.

What do you think? Is Apple going to release an Apple-branded TV?

[via AppleInsider; CNBC]