At the Colette boutique shop in Paris people are waiting in line to get the Apple Watch

Colette Apple Watch line

Before the Apple Watch went on sale, it was confirmed that some boutique retail shops around the world would be carrying the smartwatch on site.

Of those locations, Colette in Paris, France was one of them. Colette is actually near both the Carousel du Louvre and Opera Apple Stores, but those two retail locations are distinctly not the same as the fashion boutique shop, as they don’t carry the Apple Watch. Colette, on the other hand, does, and according to a report from AppleInsider, people are still willing to line up to get their wrist underneath the new smartwatch.

The Apple Watch started landing on people’s doorsteps, for those who were lucky enough to get in on the first wave of pre-orders, on April 24. It’s been just over a week since the watches started shipping, but for those that didn’t want to order online and prefer to walk out of a store with what they buy, waiting in line is an option. According to the report, earlier this week about 70 people lined up in front of the boutique shop, and of those many were able to get the model they were looking for.

Colette is just one of the shops that carries the Apple Watch in stock. There is also Mayfield in Los Angeles, California; the Corner in Berlin; 10 Corso Como in Milan, Italy; and the Dover Street Market in both London and Tokyo.

Did you get an Apple Watch?

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