Google Photos announced with unlimited storage of all your photos and videos for free [Update]

Google Photos

Cloud storage is more important than ever before, especially for those that store their photos and videos up there for safe keeping.

As such, Google has become one of the most prominent entities within that market, offering plenty of storage for keeping photos and videos easily accessible, and safe, while freeing up storage on devices proper. Now, the Mountain View-based company has just stepped the game up again, by announcing a new photo storage option, called Photos.

With Google Photos, users will have access to an unlimited amount of storage as long as they follow two simple tenets: Photos must be 16MP or fewer, and videos must be uploaded at 1080p HD or at a lower resolution. If that’s the case, then Photos will provide unlimited storage for those photos and videos. By uploading images with more megapixels, though, or videos at 4K resolution, Google Drive Premium, and a monthly cost, will be tagged on.

Google Photos will also offering editing tools right from within the app, allowing for quick edits when a photographer needs to get something done quickly. On top of that, Photos will allow users to select a wide assortment of images and then quickly create a collage, or even create an animation of those images if they so choose.

Sharing images to those that might not use Photos is easy, too. A link is created that holds the images being shared, and the person being shared with can open that link from a browser, and have the images easily accessible right there. If that person happens to be logged into their Google+ account, they’ll be able to simply tap a button to save those shared images.

As mentioned above, Google Photos will be rolling out for iOS later today (as well as Android).

Apple recently introduced its own Photos app, for devices running iOS and the company’s Mac OS X platform. Photos uses the iCloud storage that Apple launched some time ago, which costs a certain amount of money every month. To compare, $10 per month gets Google Drive Premium users 1TB of cloud storage, while Apple offers 500GB of cloud storage for the same monthly charge.

Update: Well, that didn’t take long at all. Google has launched the official Photos app into the iOS App Store, and it’s free as expected. A link to the app is below. On top of that, the Google Photos website is rolling out now as well.


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[via AndroidBeat]