IllLookLater: Jailbreak tweak prevents apps from waking your iPhone’s screen when you receive notifications


Sometimes, it gets quite annoying when your iPhone’s screen wakes up every time you receive a notification. If you’d still like to get notified of new notifications while preventing your iPhone screen from waking up, you should check out a new jailbreak tweak known as IllLookLater.

The tweak provides you the ability to choose the apps that are allowed to wake the iPhone Lock screen when a new notification is received. Instead of having your iPhone waste its precious battery from waking up every time a notification is received, you can handpick the apps that are allowed to do this.

What’s more interesting is that you will continue to hear alert sounds whenever a new notification arrives and it is still viewable from the Lock screen. However, they will not turn on the screen

Once you install IllLookLater, head to the tweak’s preferences pane where you’ll spend most of your time configuring it. The pane is dividing into System and User applications and displays a list of all the apps currently installed on your iPhone along with a toggle next to each of them.

After you toggle on an app, it will not be allowed to wake the iPhone screen anymore whenever a new notification arrives.

The tweak works perfectly as advertised and comes in handy in many situations especially when you are receiving constant notifications from a group conversation and would like to save your device’s battery. I’ve tested it with various apps such as Messages and WhatsApp and it works properly without creating any issues.

If you’re interested to give this tweak a try, it is available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Leave your opinions about IllLookLater in the comments section below.