iOS 9 could be getting support for ‘deep linking’

iOS 9 San Francisco font

iOS 9 is set to get a lot of new features, and plenty of tweaks behind the scenes to improve optimization, and now another new feature may have just been discovered.

Dan Loewenherz (@dwlz), the founder of Lionheart Software, recently retweeted Ezekiel Pierson (@PiersonBro), who tweeted “#define HAVE_APP_LINKS 1”, and then a github link. Loewenherz shed some light on the retweet, stating, “This is interesting. Looks like iOS 9 is getting some form of deep linking support.” That would be a major addition to iOS, and one feature that many have been requesting for quite some time.

Deep linking, in terms of mobile, is the ability to link to a direct location within a mobile app, and not simply open the app once a link is activated. As one reply to the tweet notes, this could mean that applications might not need their own browser baked into it any longer.

Right now, reports have suggested that iOS 9 will feature a makeover to Siri, to better put the feature in-line with the Apple Watch app. Moreover, iOS 9 could feature the Apple-made San Francisco font, which debuted on the Apple Watch recently. And, most recently, the report that iOS 9 will finally bring transit directions to the Maps app.

[via @dlwz; @PiersonBro]