Support the right to jailbreak ahead of the DMCA exemption hearing on May 21

Jailbreak iPhone

Later this month, the Copyright Office will hold its triennial 1201 rulemaking hearings, and one of the topics on the agenda is jailbreaking smartphones and other gadgets. Cydia creator Jay Freeman will be there to fight for our right to jailbreak, but you can pledge your support by signing the petition put together by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“Millions of people jailbreak the phones and tablets they own, in order to run the software they want on their own terms,” the EFF says.

“Whether it’s to cut out annoying bloatware, install the latest security fixes, change the home screen, or just to use it in a way the manufacturer hasn’t considered, jailbreaking is an important part of how we interact with our devices.

But later this month, the Copyright Office and Librarian of Congress could decide to make jailbreaking illegal, casting the future of the jailbreak community into jeopardy. You can help prevent that from happening by signing the petition on the EFF’s website.

All you have to do is provide your email address, full name, and ZIP code — it’s a simple as that. Almost 22,000 people have already pledged their support, but the more signatures the EFF can get, the harder it will be for the Copyright Office and Librarian of Congress to make jailbreaking a crime.

“We’ve gotten jailbreaking exemptions in the past, but there’s no guarantee of success this year,” the EFF says. “That’s where you come in: lend your voice to our submission, and we can tell the Librarian of Congress that thousands of regular users want to preserve their rights as device owners.”

Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik and creator of Cydia, will be a proponent at the hearing on May 21 — along with Kyle Wiens of iFixit, Catherine Gellis of Digital Age Defense, and Mitch Stoltz of the EFF. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on its outcome.