T-Mobile offering over $100 off cellular iPad models for Mother’s Day

iPad Air 2

The iPad with a cellular connection is not a cheap device by any means, but T-Mobile is looking to make it a little easier on the pocket book this Mother’s Day.

The Magenta Carrier has confirmed that it will be running a limited-time promotion for Mother’s Day this year, with the focus being on a cellular-equipped iPad model. If a subscriber opts to pick up the new tablet on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment plan, they’ll see a savings of over $100 on the total cost of the tablet, thanks to a monthly discount applied to their bill every month.

The credit, according to T-Mobile, will apply $5.50 every month and will show up on the bill as an “iPad Promotion 2015” credit. That’s a stretch of 24 months, and so if a customer picked up a 16GB iPad Air 2, for instance, they’d see the final price cut down to only $497.76, rather than the full retail price of $629.76.

Each month, you’ll see a $5.50 “iPad Promotion 2015” bill credit in the “Credits and Adjustments” sections of your bill for each eligible device.

You will receive the $5.50 credit every month for 24 months as long as you keep your 1GB above mobile internet plan active and in good standing.

If you cancel your mobile internet plan, the $5.50 bill credit will stop, and you will need to pay the remaining EIP balance.

The promotion is running only for a limited time, according to the carrier, but when it ends is not known. Do you plan on taking advantage of the deal?

[via TmoNews; T-Mobile]