T-Mobile launches ‘Never Settle’ campaign for Verizon customers; will lend free phones to persuade them to switch

T-Mobile - 'Never Settle' Verizon campaign

T-Mobile is hoping to persuade Verizon customers to switch carriers by offering them free two-week trials with T-Mobile handsets. What’s more, if users decide to switch after trailing a new device, the carrier will pay off their contract termination costs up to a price of $650.

The plan is part of a new “Never Settle” promotion, and it’s specifically for those on Verizon, which is still the biggest wireless carrier in the U.S., ahead of second-placed AT&T. Existing Verizon subscribers who are thinking about switching can borrow a handset for 14 days with no strings attached.

The trial period gives them a chance to try T-Mobile’s network to see whether it will be a good fit for them, and to test out a new smartphone in the process. At the end of the 14-day period, they can either give the handset back without charge, or they can switch to T-Mobile and keep it.

Those who do decide to switch could also have any outstanding payments and contract termination costs paid by T-Mobile — so long as they do not exceed $650.

“Last week, I said we would hit right back at Verizon — I meant it,” said bullish T-Mobile CEO John Legere in the company’s press release. “With T-Mobile, you don’t have to settle for trickery, gimmicks and carrier BS the way you do with Verizon.”

“I’m so confident in our kick-ass network experience that we’re footing the bill so Verizon customers can give T-Mobile a try.”


Legere claims T-Mobile is now the third-largest carrier in the U.S. after overtaking Sprint earlier this year, but we’ll have to wait until Sprint announces its fourth-quarter earnings later today for that to be confirmed.

If you’re a Verizon customer, let us know if you plan to take T-Mobile’s offer, and test their network in your area.

[via The Verge]