The ‘Apple Watch Hand’ will alleviate any tattoo woes one might have

Apple Watch Hand

Conan O’Brien isn’t afraid to poke fun at just about anything, and the Apple Watch having trouble reading people’s skin with tattoos is certainly an area worth poking.

Recently, a series of Apple Watch owner complaints surfaced that suggested dark-ink tattoos were causing issues with the Apple Watch working in some key areas, including Wrist Detection and reading the heart beat of the wearer. While some experts would chime in, eventually Apple would clarify and confirm the situation.

As a result, Conan O’Brien, the host of the late night talk show, took some time out of a recent episode to introduce an accessory some tattoo owners might want to check out (if it were a real product, of course): The “Apple Watch Hand.” In the video, the accessory is shown to be the perfect accessory for those that want to wear the Apple Watch and access all of its functionality, but don’t want to have to somehow remove a tattoo from their arm, too.

The video also shows the Apple Watch Hand works great as a way to high-five people, propose to a significant other, and more. You can check out the video below.

[via Team Coco]