Apple will allow AltConf to stream WWDC keynote

AltConf bannerThe organisers of AltConf have resolved their legal disputes with Apple, and will now be streaming this year’s WWDC keynote to developers attending its alternate developer conference. It was only yesterday that AltConf announced it will not be streaming any WWDC sessions because of a legal notice from Apple.

Thankfully for developers, the AltConf organisers were able to reach a mutual agreement with Apple.

AltConf is an alternative WWDC conference for developers that were not lucky enough to get tickets to WWDC, with the conference being held in San Francisco every year. The organisers hold the event for free and stream the WWDC keynote and other sessions for developers visiting their event.

“We’re really happy that we can resolve this for the benefit of the community,” Elkin told us. “It’s the best thing for everyone involved, and we hope we can add some brilliant content and add to the community during the week just like Apple does with WWDC,” he added.

There is a slight catch though; Apple and AltConf agreement only allows the latter to stream the WWDC keynote and the State of the Union sessions to developers visiting its conference. This means that AltConf will not be able to stream individual developer sessions being held at WWDC this year.

Nevertheless, it is still nice to see that Apple is allowing AltConf to stream at least some of its sessions to developers attending the alternate developer conference.

[Via AltConf blog]