Apple corrects HTC’s punctuation in response to ITC complaint

Apple corrects HTC punctuation

Legal issues are common enough between companies, and Apple is surely no stranger to them. Eventually, some comedy has to get injected to even things out.

In response to HTC’s ITC complaints against Apple, the Cupertino-based company decided to toss in a bit of snark for good measure, all the while completely rejecting any and all of HTC’s complaints against the company and its products. As seen in the image above, Apple’s first line in its response actually points out a correction in HTC’s punctuation:

Apple denies that its correct name is Apple, Inc. The correct name of Respondent is Apple Inc.

It’s a bit of hilarity in what Apple probably already considers a funny complaint to begin with. Maybe it’s enough to get some lawyers laughing in a boardroom somewhere, at least.

[via Cult of Mac]