Apple Music will stream at 256kbps, just like iTunes Match

Apple Music iOS 9

Apple only unveiled Music, its refreshed focus on the industry as a whole, on Monday, so a lot of questions are still lingering regarding the new music streaming service.

One of those questions regarded the rate at which the music would be streamed from Apple’s service. Spotify, the leading platform in the streaming market, offers a range of streaming rates, including 320kbps, the highest rate. Even Beats Music, the app that Apple is effectively replacing with the subsequent launch of Apple Music, can stream songs up to 320kbps. Tidal, for what it’s worth, can stream at an even higher rate than that.

Now, according to a report published by Slash/Gear, the question regarding Apple’s own streaming quality has been answered. The report states that Apple Music will stream at 256kbps, but doesn’t make mention that there’s any way to change this, in either direction. This specific number isn’t all that surprising, as iTunes Match streams its music at the same rate.

Many services that offer the higher rate do so but not as default, making the user change these settings within the necessary apps. Apple choosing to go with 256kbps is a conservative choice, but for many listeners it will more than likely be more than good enough while listening to music.

Some other good news is that Apple Music will indeed allow for offline listening, thanks to the ability to save music to a user’s library or playlists as long as they continue to pay the $9.99 per month subscription.

Are you planning on using Apple Music?

[via Slash/Gear]