Apple Music officially announced: Launches June 30 for $9.99 per month after 3 month trial

Apple Music announced

Apple Music was one of the most oft-rumored new additions to Apple’s services leading up to the Worldwide Developers Conference.

And now the service is officially official, with Apple unveiling the new music streaming service during the conference’s keynote. Part of that announcement is Apple Music Connect, which will let artists connect to fans, and fans connect to artists, much like a Ping-like social networking experience, but focused on the content.

Apple Music marketing

Apple Music will have playlists that are built by human beings and not algorithm, which Apple says will put together a better song mixture, leading from the first song to the last.

Apple Music revolutionary music service

This new Music initiative will also include a 24/7 global radio station, which is rooted in cities across the world, including Los Angeles, London, and New York City.

And, with the aforementioned Connect, will let users interact with artists from a wide range of area, including up-and-coming artists. Apple says the focus is on ecosystem, allowing for brand new artists to upload their music to the new platform, and connect with users all around the world.

With Apple Music is a “For You” section, which is put together from music that you listen to, from playlists to individual tracks, and a collection of music that’s put together by humans and not algorithms.

Beats 1

Another big focus is 24/7 global radio, or Beats 1. It’ll be headlined by Zane Lowe, a masterful DJ previously of BBC Radio.

Apple Music Connect

With Connect, artists will be able to upload their music, videos and photos to Music directly. It’s for all artists, and not just the high-profile ones. It’ll allow users to like individual posts, updates, photos, videos and as well as the music uploaded as well. Users will also be able to comment on that uploaded content.

Apple Music For You recommendations

Apple divulged into the For You section, and showed that it borrows quite a bit from Beats Music’s ability to learn about music likes and dislikes. That means users will be able to pick favorite artists and genres when first accessing For You, and Music will build playlists and make recommendations accordingly.

Apple Music Siri control

Siri is getting new controls, too, allowing users to access specific songs, or even huge playlists, like “The Top 10.” On top of that, Siri can actually play a song from a specific date and year, with Apple showing off Siri playing the top song from a specific month in 1982.

Siri Apple Music control2

Siri can also play music from a movie soundtrack as well, with a song being called up from saying, “Play the song from Selma.”

Apple Music free trial

Apple Music is launching with iOS 8.4 later this month, with a new version of iTunes for Windows, Mac and Android this fall. it’s launching in over 100 countries. Apple Music will be just $9.99 per month, with the first three months free.

For $14.99 per month, Apple Music will support up to 6 family members, with their own recommendations, account, and music collection.