Apple to unveil new music streaming services for $10 per month at WWDC 2015

iTunes Radio

At this point, there’s not much else to be rumored regarding Apple’s music streaming service, but a new report aims to gain some clarity on the situation: and the legitimacy of the rumors.

On Monday, June 1, the Wall Street Journal published a report stating that Apple will indeed launch a brand new focus on music streaming services, and that this is a major attempt from the Cupertino-based company to relaunch its name within the music industry. It’s no secret that Apple considers itself a huge part of that industry, and a move into the streaming music market is a big one, with firmly-set competitors already rooted in place.

According to the report, Apple will indeed announce the brand new music streaming service at its Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC. This new platform, which has been previously rumored to be called Apple Music, will reportedly cost $10 per month, which has been previously rumored. This would put it in direct competition with several other streaming platforms, including Spotify, the current leader within the streaming market and which has already taken exception with some of Apple’s actions in trying to break into the market.

The report also notes that Apple will not let listeners partake in the full music library on offer for free, which is typically supplemented by advertisements, like Spotify offers. Instead, Apple will utilize its iTunes Radio free streaming along with Apple Music. Moreover, this newly refreshed iTunes Radio will have human beings as DJs, including guest stars — like Drake, Pharrell Williams and David Guetta.

Interestingly enough, the report also indicates that Apple is very willing to cannibalize its own online music sales through iTunes in favor of the streaming platform moving forward. That includes Apple suggesting people subscribe to Apple Music for $10 (per month), rather than spend $10 or more on a single album:

People familiar with Apple’s thinking say the company—the world’s leading music retailer—is prepared to cannibalize its download business in favor of streaming, which has been gaining traction world-wide. The subscription model offers the prospect of more revenue for both Apple and the biggest music labels. Apple’s push may include prompting people who download a $10 album to instead subscribe to the streaming service for $10 a month, those people said.

The arrival of Apple Music, for some, has been a foregone conclusion up until now, ever since Apple officially acquired Beats and the Beats Music streaming app. Indeed, recent reports have suggested that not only will Apple unveil Music at WWDC, but that the music streaming services could launch in late June — so just a few weeks after the major conference.

Digging into the iTunes user base, Apple hopes that it can leverage those already using iTunes to swing them into streaming music through Apple’s services as well. There’s no denying that the entrenched competitors, which includes not only Spotify, but also Rdio, Pandora, and others, aren’t going anywhere. However, Apple does have a huge number of potential subscribers already within its ecosystem.

Finally, and certainly worth noting, the report indicates that Apple plans on bringing Apple Music to Android, but when that might happen is unknown at this point.

Are you looking forward to seeing Apple Music unveiled?

[via Wall Street Journal]