Download the beautiful iOS 9 wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Default iOS 9 Wallpaper

With every major software update of iOS, Apple includes new Wallpapers. iOS 9 is no exception. You might have noticed iOS 9’s gorgeous new default Wallpaper when Apple unveiled iOS 9 during WWDC 2015 keynote.

Unlike previous years though, iOS 9 comes with only one new wallpaper. If you haven’t installed iOS 9 beta on your iOS device, and plan to wait for iOS 9 to be released to the public, then we’ve you covered.

You can download the full resolution (2712×2706) wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad right now. The resolution is high enough to look good on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Simply click on the image below or this link, which will open into a new window, where you can save the image to your iOS device, Mac or PC, and set it as the wallpaper.

iOS 9 Wallpaper - preview

OSXDaily provides some interesting details about the picture.

the gorgeous wave wallpaper appears to have been shot by professional photographer Chris Burkard using a SONY NEX-7 camera somewhere in the caribbean, the image was slightly modified by Apple, but the the original, titled “Rainbow Barrel”, can be found on the photographers website here, if you click the little (i) button on his site you’ll be able to view the EXIF data about the picture for those who are interested in the technical camera details. The edits that Apple made are fairly minor, removing what looks like someones head from the edge of the wave, straightening the horizon a bit, and perhaps adjusting color saturation just a tad.

The wallpaper was extracted from iOS 9 beta by reddit user geepolkgee, so don’t forget to thank him if you like it.

[via OSXDaily]