Google Chrome update improves laptop battery life by intelligently pausing Flash content

Google Chrome pause Flash content

Flash content is still out there, and for those that try to navigate the web and find it tends to slow things down for you, or even drains battery life, Google is aiming to fix it.

On Thursday, May 4, Google posted a quick update to the Chrome blog, outlining that the Chrome team has been working with Adobe to improve battery life of laptops by “intelligently pausing” certain content on some web pages. Google says that they’re aiming to intelligently pause some content, like Flash animations, to improve the overall battery life of laptops, while aiming to keep the browsing experience as quick as possible.

Google also says that if a piece of content is paused that you actually wanted to see, then a simple click on the content will resume playback.

When you’re on a webpage that runs Flash, we’ll intelligently pause content (like Flash animations) that aren’t central to the webpage, while keeping central content (like a video) playing without interruption. If we accidentally pause something you were interested in, you can just click it to resume playback. This update significantly reduces power consumption, allowing you to surf the web longer before having to hunt for a power outlet.

This update is only available in the Chrome desktop beta at the moment, but Google says it will be rolling out to everyone else using desktop Chrome in the near future.

What do you think of the idea?

[via Google Chrome Blog]