iOS 9 brings enhanced multitasking with Split View, Picture in Picture and more to iPad

image iPad multitasking

With iOS 9, Apple is finally optimizing the OS to take advantage of all the real screen estate offered by the iPad by enhancing multi tasking for the device.

iOS 9 Slide Over

Multitasking on an iPad in iOS 9 will allow users to quickly open an app above another, essentially a new way to quickly respond to content, like a text message, just by activating a specific gesture — dubbed Slide Over. Users will be able to slide their fingers from the right side of the iPad’s display to bring in another app quickly, like Twitter, or email, and then quickly respond to something therein without leaving the first app:

Now you can open a second app without leaving the one you’re in. So you can quickly browse the web, respond to a text message, or jot something down in a note, then slide that app away and get back to the one you were using before.

iOS 9 iPad Split View

Another new feature is “Split View,” which will be an exclusive new feature tied to iOS 9 and the iPad Air 2. With it, users will be able to have two apps open at the same time, and split on the display. With this feature, users will be able to use both apps at the same time, as they’ll both be active and ready for interaction:

With Split View on iPad Air 2, you can go a step further and have two apps open and active at the same time. Work on a sketch with the reference photo beside it. Or write a paper while copying citations from a book in iBooks. When everything you need is right in front of you, it’s easier to focus.

iOS 9 iPad PiP

Apple is also adding PIP (Picture in Picture) that will allow users to watch a video while using other apps. With this, users will be able to slide the smaller video around on the display, allowing them to continue watching whatever it was they’re watching, while using another app at the same time. Apple demonstrated this by sliding a video around while also replying to an email.

While using FaceTime or watching a video, press the Home button and your video screen scales down to a corner of your display. Tap to open a second app, and your video continues to play — even while you use the other app. So keep watching your favorite TV show while you reply to the email that just came in.

Slide over will be available on the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and iPad mini 3, while Split View will be limited only to iPad Air 2.