Sony CEO confirms ‘Apple Music’ will be announced at WWDC tomorrow

Music App

Sony Music CEO Doug Morris has confirmed that Apple will be launching its own streaming music service dubbed “Apple Music” at WWDC, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow.

The CEO revealed the information during an on-stage interview at the Midem Music Industry Festival in Cannes earlier today.

“It’s happening tomorrow,” Morris said during an interview at Midem in Cannes that primarily focused on his storied career in the music industry.

He, however, did not reveal any other information about the music streaming service. Nonetheless, he did say that the launch of Apple’s music streaming service will be a “tipping point” for the streaming music industry.

Additionally, he said that Apple is going to promote its streaming service “like crazy” that will be beneficial for the music industry as a whole.

“What does Apple bring to this?” Morris said. “Well, they’ve got $178 billion dollars in the bank. And they have 800 million credit cards in iTunes. Spotify has never really advertised because it’s never been profitable. My guess is that Apple will promote this like crazy and I think that will have a halo effect on the streaming business.

Apple’s music streaming service is expected to cost around $10 per month and will not come with a free ad-based tier. To lure customers, Apple will reportedly be also offering a three months trial period initially.

Update: The Chief of French content for Apple TV just posted this image on Instagram revealing that the service will be launched tomorrow, and that he is going to be the head of the French content for Apple Music as well.

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