Taylor Swift has announced her album ‘1989’ will be available through Apple Music

Taylor Swift

Last Sunday, Taylor Swift took to Tumblr to express her misgivings towards Apple Music, the upcoming streaming music service from the Cupertino-based company.

Swift pointed out that she wasn’t pleased that Apple wasn’t paying artists for the three-month trial period, and as such said that she wouldn’t be putting her latest, and ridiculously popular, album “1989” into the Apple Music library. So, for anyone that wanted to listen to that particular album from Swift (her back catalog was already available in Music), and do it through Music, they would have to buy the album to have it available next to all the other songs they’d be streaming.

As a result of that Tumblr post, and probably from other statements made by large companies that owned smaller independent labels, Apple decided to change its mind and start paying artists themselves during that aforementioned trial period. After that announcement, Apple secured deals with indie labels and their artists, and artists that previously degraded Apple Music changed their tune, too.

Now, Taylor Swift has also confirmed that she’ll be making a change, too. Earlier today on Twitter, Swift announced that “1989” will indeed be available via Apple Music. On top of that, she added that her decision to add the album was a happy one, and it will more than likely make quite a few Apple Music subscribers happy, too:


Some had speculated that Swift would not put the album in Apple Music anyway, despite Apple’s change of heart, but it would appear that isn’t the case. Now, for anyone that plans on listening to Swift’s full catalog of music through Apple Music when it launches on June 30, they’ll be able to — “1989” included.

[via @taylorswift13]