Top 25 Free iOS 8.3 – iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Tweaks [Part 2]

Top iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Tweaks

We had compiled a list of the top 25 free jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 8.3 yesterday. If that wasn’t enough then here’s another list of our top 25 free jailbreak apps and tweaks, which includes some of our all-time favorite jailbreak tweaks like Activator, JellyLock etc.

If you’re looking for new tweaks for your freshly jailbroken iPhone. Here’s a great place to get started!

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#1. Activator lets users assign custom actions in response to triggers like pressing the volume button, or gestures like a three finger pinch and so on. It’s a must-have for power users. You can check out our tips on how to supercharge your iPhone with Activator.

#2. LockGlyph brings Apple Pay’s animation and sound to the Lock Screen when you attempt to unlock your device using Touch ID. Read our LockGlyph review for more details.

#3. SafariRefresh brings the cool pull to refresh functionality to mobile Safari. Check our post on SafariRefresh for more details.

#4. NoSlowAnimations makes iOS 8.3 snappier by speeding up animations. Check our NoSlowAnimations post for more details.

#5. SwitchSpring lets you kill all background apps, restart SpringBoard with a swipe in app switcher. Check our post about SwitchSpring for more details.

#6. StatusModifier lets you keep track of free memory in the Status bar. Check our post about StatusModifier for more details.

#7.  TapToSnap lets you take a picture by simply tapping on the camera viewfinder.

#8. SendDelay brings Gmail’s Undo Send feature to the Messages app, so you get enough time to cancel a message before it is sent.

#9. RoundDock is a very simple tweak that rounds out the corners of the top of the dock.

#10. DockColor allows you to change the color of your iPhone’s dock.

#11. JellyLock Unified BETA (repo: is one of our favorite app lock screen launcher. It replaces the “Slide to unlock” bar with a circular unlock icon, which also doubles up as an app launcher. JellyLock also gives you quick access to as many as 6 apps including the Camera app, which as you can see are arranged in a circular fashion around the unlock icon. Read our JellyLock reviewJ review.

#12. Spectral gives the lock screen a little more character with blurred album artwork.

#13. TimePasscode as the name suggests changes the passcode based on the time.

#14. iCleaner frees up storage space on your device by removing cache files and other unnecessary files from your iPhone or iPad’s filesystem.

#15. SaveGram lets you save Instagram photos to your iPhone’s camera roll. Read our SaveGram review.

#16. FlipControlCenter allows you to customize Control Center by allowing you to change, add/remove or reorder toggles and quick launch options. Read our FlipControlCenter review.

#17. GroovyLock is a free HTML MobileSubstrate theming platform that lets you customize your iPhone’s Lock screen.

#18. Cataracs (repo: is a lock screen theme for GroovyLock.

#19. DockShift is a popular jailbreak tweak that lets you customize your iPhone’s dock. Read our DockShift review.

#20. NotNine adds backgrounds and drawing tools to the Notes app in iOS 8.

#21. Slide2Kill8 Lite allows you to use gestures/taps to kill applications running in the app switcher.

#22. RoundedSwitcherCards brings the iOS 9’s rounded edge look to the app switcher cards in iOS 8.

#23. ReturnToSender is a nifty tweak that replaces the Return key with the Send button in the Messages app.

#24. TinyBar makes Banner Notifications fit in the Status Bar. Read our TinyBar review.

#25. LastApp lets you switch back to the previous app quite similar to iOS 9 back to app button. Read our LastApp review.

The theme used in the video is Amor, which costs $1.99 on Cydia.

You can check our post for the complete list of iOS 8.3 compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks:

iOS 8.3 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

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