TSMC rumored to start A9 mass production in June

TSMC lobby

Whether or not TSMC or Samsung have been chosen to make Apple’s A9 processor for the next iPhone still remains a hot topic these days.

Reports have been going back-and-forth for several months, dating back to late 2014, with the most recent report in April of this year suggesting that TSMC would be supplying upwards of 30% of all A9 chips for Apple for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Now, a new report from the China Times suggests that TSMC is about to enter mass production of the new SoC, or that it might have already.

According to the report, which was surfaced by GforGames, TSMC and Samsung entered pre-production testing for the A9 back in March of this year, and that TSMC produced the highest yield for Apple. The report indicates that, according to sources, there is not much of a difference between TSMC’s 16nm processors and Samsung’s 14nm processors, and that Apple has chosen to go with TSMC due to the higher yield.

The report does not specifically say that Samsung has been skipped over entirely, though, so whether or not Samsung will ramp up mass production of the A9 processor this month, too, is unknown.

Do you think Apple is going to skip over Samsung this year for its processor production?

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