Twitter is adding autoplay for native videos, Vines and GIFs in its iOS app

Twitter autoplay videos

While Twitter is usually a quick and easy way to find videos, GIFs or Vines (not excluding the Vine app altogether, of course), the social networking is hoping you really like seeing them automatically play in your Timeline.

On Tuesday, June 16, Twitter officially announced that it is bringing autoplay support to the iOS app for Vines, GIFs and native videos published to the network. Beginning today, users of the iOS Twitter app will see GIFs, native videos and Vines begin automatically playing while browsing through the Timeline. Luckily, audio for Vines and native videos will still have to be activated with a tap on the video proper, to not completely overtake the experience.

Twitter says users can also get a full-screen experience, too, just by rotating their device to landscape mode.

The social network is letting users opt-out of the autoplay feature. By doing that, the Twitter feed will switch to the “click-to-play” functionality that was previously the standard. Also, Twitter says that it will opt some users out by default, depending on some details:

If you’re somewhere with high data rates or you have low bandwidth on your device, we’ll opt you out of autoplay to avoid unexpected charges or slow performance; so you’ll continue to see videos as click-to-play.

Recently, Apple also made some changes to the way Direct Messages are handled, by removing the 140-character limit, which will be rolled out soon.

The new feature is rolling out today, so keep an eye out for it. Do you like autoplaying videos?

[via Twitter]