Apple is no longer signing iOS 8.3 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

iOS 8.3 logo

On June 30, Apple officially released iOS 8.4 to the public, which saw the public release of Apple Music as well.

As is par for the course, Apple’s release of the latest public version of iOS means that it has to stop signing the previous version. As of now, Apple is no longer signing iOS 8.3 for compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. That means that owners of those devices can no longer use iTunes to officially downgrade to that previous version of the mobile operating system.

It is not a major issue for jailbreakers as it is possible to jailbreak iOS 8.4 using the TaiG jailbreak tool. Downgrading can be useful in cases where the latest iOS version cannot be jailbroken, but the previous iOS version can be jailbroken. Some users also prefer to downgrade back to the older version if they face problems after upgrading to the latest iOS software update.

For those that are still looking forward to the future, and not looking back at past versions of iOS, Apple has already confirmed that the third iOS 9 beta will be launched sometime this week.