Google Chrome for iOS gets navigation gestures, Physical Web compatibility

Chrome for iOSGoogle has rolled out a big update for its Chrome browser for iOS that not only adds useful navigation gestures, but also brings Physical Web compatibility, allowing you to see an interact with smart devices in the world around you.

Physical Web is an open platform introduced by Google way back in October in an effort to simplify the Internet of Things (IoT). It hopes to become a standardized solution for all smart devices — everything from vending machines to parking meters to rental cars.

In doing so, it could prevent us from having to use a catalog of different apps and services just to connect with different devices. You don’t even need a dedicated app for Physical Web; it’s baked into Google Chrome, and it’s available now in the app’s latest update on iOS.

Once installed, Chrome will display supported smart devices that are found in the world around you in the Today view in Notification Center, and you’ll be able to interact with them from there. And even if you’re not interested in Physical Web, this is still a worthwhile update.

Chrome is also getting useful swipe gestures that’ll allow you to navigate back and forth while browsing the web — just like those baked into Safari — so you’ll no longer have to stretch your thumb all the way up to the top of your display on the iPhone 6 Plus to go back.

You can download the latest Chrome release from the App Store now via the link below.

Download link:

[via Google]