Here’s the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone Setup

If you’ve recently jailbroken your iPhone using the latest TaiG jailbreak tool, then you’ve probably been on the prowl for some tweaks and themes to customize your device. Well, today I have an entire setup for you to try out if you’re a fan of minimalism. let’s take a look.


Saber(Lancer Bottom) – This is for the line under each message in the Messages app
Indigo Icons

Lock Screen

  • Groovylock gives you the ability to add widgets to the lock screen
  • Lock Glyph – An animated fingerprint on your lock screen.
  • Kingdom Hearts Lock Glyph – LockGlyph theme –
  • IfFound2 – adds a button to the lock screen with vital information if the device is lost.
  • LS Barebones – Tiny Mod – Groovy Lock theme –
  • Binary Keypad –
  • HotDog gives you the ability to change the text on the passcode screen.

Home Screen

  • Cylinder allows you to change page animations.
  • Date In StatusBar –
  • Flurry blurs system wide UI.
  • DockShift allows you to theme your dock.
  • Cornered rounded corners for menu actions.
  • Hideme8 Lite lets you hide various UI elements throughout your device.
  • RoundDock rounds the corner of the dock.
  • BetterFiveIconDock 5 icons in your dock –
  • ColorBadges colors your badge icons to the prominent color of the app.
  • Apex 2 is the awesome alternative to folders.
  • Iconoclasm – 3×3 Dense – Icon layout.

Status Bar

  • Zeppelin allows you to change your carrier logo.
  • Alkaline allows you yo change your battery theme.
  • Apple Logo Alkaline Battery – Alkaline theme.
  • Date In Status bar puts the date in the status bar.

Control Center

  • Corners gives you the rounded corners on the control center
  • CClean cleans up the control center to look more minimalistic
  • Indigo Theme – The Winterboard theme (Control Center enabled)


  • ShowCase shows lower/uppercase letters depending on what case will be typed next on the keyboard.
  • Saber adds a single line underneath the messages sent in the Messages app.  (repo –
  • SleekKey removes all lines from keyboard to look more sleek. (repo –
  • MessageCustomiser allows you to customize the Messages tweak. (repo –
  • HapticPro/KeyboardVibrate8 gives haptic feedback for each time you tap the keyboard/buttons.

Here’s the wallpaper if you’re interested:


If you want to see these tweaks and themes in action, be sure to check out the video below!

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This perfect jailbroken iPhone setup was inspired by reddit user xSignificant.

What you think about this setup? What is your perfect jailbroken iPhone setup? Please share it in the comments below.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet, and this setup has got you inspired then download the TaiG jailbreak tool from our TaiG jailbreak download page to jailbreak your iPhone. If you need help then you can follow our step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iOS 8.4.

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