How to quickly and efficiently clean your Mac

Keeping my Mac clean and running at top speeds is my number one priority. With a 2009 Macbook Pro, keeping my device light and nimble helps this oldie run like new. To help stay up with regular cleaning and system scanning I use CleanMyMac, one of the better programs out there for folks looking to leave their Macs in tip-top shape.

How to quickly and efficiently clean your Mac

You can download a free version of CleanMyMac 3 here. CleanMyMac 3 requires at least OS X 10.8. The free version limits system cleaning to 500 MB.

How to quickly and efficiently clean your Mac

Use the free version to get a feel of the application and see if it would be something you’re interested in.

CleanMyMac - Price

A single CleanMyMac license will cost you about 40 bucks, but for those really concerned with the welfare of their Mac, this is a small fee to help protect your pretty expensive Apple product. I will cover the full version in detail below.

How to quickly and efficiently clean your Mac

To get started, run a full system scan of your computer using the Smart Cleanup option at the top of the menu.

CleanMyMac - Smart Cleanup

This may take some time, but when CleanMyMac has finished the scan, you’ll see a breakdown of items to be removed, options for cleaning browsing history, and more. Review the options and click on Clean for CleanMyMac to remove those unnecessary files.

Next, click on Large & Old Files. CleanMyMac collects information on the largest files on your Mac. Large files can hog your storage and eventually slow down your computer. Click “Review Files” to view which files were discovered and select the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to delete.

Large Files - CleanMyMac

Since I had most of these files on an external hard drive, I opted to completely remove all the files my computer and saved over 9 gigabytes of space.

CleanMyMac - Delete Files

The Smart Scan runs through all the cleaning options, but you can go through each section on your own to drill into the finer details.

CleanMyMac - Clean -Menu

Underneath the cleaning section is a Utility section. Here is where you will find options for Maintenance, Extensions, Shredder, Privacy, and Uninstaller.

  • Maintenance – Use scripts to optimize and maintain your system performance.
CleanMyMac - Scripts
  • Extensions – View all the extra extensions and disable the ones you don’t need.
  • Shredder – Completely erase files and eliminate the chance someone can recover them.
  • CleanMyMac- Shredder
  • Privacy – Remove all online and offline activity for browsers installed on your device.
  • Uninstaller – Remove applications and their associated files.

The utility options make it very easy to keep control of all your system files without the need to create scripts or download separate programs to manage them all. Use these options whenever you find it necessary. For example, you can disable a lot of the dictionaries for other languages using the Extensions option and save a nice amount of space.

CleanMyMac - Extensions
CleanMyMac is a great way to clean and maintain your Mac without needing to take it in to the Apple Store or leave it with the Geek Squad. Let us know what you think about the program in the comments section.