iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan include revamped two-factor authentication; public betas coming soon

iOS two-step verification

On Wednesday, July 8, Apple officially seeded the third beta for not only iOS 9, which saw the inclusion of Apple News, but also the third beta for OS X El Capitan.

Now, according to a new report from MacRumors, one of the new features tied to the mobile and desktop software has been discovered. Based on information found within the beta release notes, as well as a lengthy support FAQ regarding both releases, Apple has included a revamped two-step authentication process.

The changes include a “more streamlined user experience” to start, but also utilizes “different methods” to secure the devices utilizing the option. These new methods include alternate ways to deliver security codes to trusted devices, and even new methods to trust devices for the first time.

The report indicates that any device running iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan will become a trusted device once a user signs in with their Apple ID. From there, when a new device is signed into, that trusted device will be sent a code to verify the secondary device’s trust. This works similarly to the way the current two-step verification process works, but Apple seems to be streamlining the entire process.

If you enable two-factor authentication, iTunes purchases on Mac and Windows will require you to append a 6-digit code to the end of your password on every purchase. The 6-digit code will automatically be sent to your iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan devices.

It should be noted that older devices not running iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan will not be able to receive the codes sent from devices running the beta versions of those platforms. However, as long as the two-step authentication and verification steps are in place, Apple believes the process should be smooth enough for users testing out the beta software, and as Apple implements and rolls out the new security feature. Meaning, for users running iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan betas, sticking with the two-step verification process is the best bet for now.

One other detail that the two-factor authentication documentation revealed is that Apple is planning on releasing the public beta for both iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan soon. According to the wording, Apple is apparently gearing up to launch the third betas for the public testers, but just when it will be released is unknown at this point.

Are you trying out iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan?

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