iOS 9 makes it easier to request for Desktop Sites in Safari

Mobile sites are designed for speed and better browsing for those tiny screens. But sometimes, navigating some of your favorite desktop sites on a mobile device is a real hassle. This issue is noticed in Safari for iOS 9. I have been using the iOS 9 beta for a few weeks now, and I’m enjoying the experience. If you haven’t signed up for the Public Beta or installed iOS 9, it’s pretty easy to do. While Safari on iOS 9 doesn’t have any major changes to address, it does make viewing “Desktop Sites” a little easier.
Previously, in iOS 8 Safari users had to perform a series of taps before actually getting the option to “Request Desktop Site.” You needed to tap the URL section, pull down to reveal a hidden menu, and then tap Request Desktop Site.

Now, with iOS 9 all you need to do is tap and hold the refresh icon in the URL of the site, and select the Request Desktop Site button.

Request Desktop Site - iOS 9

Alternatively, you can also tap on the share button, scroll to the right and tap on the Request Desktop Site option.

iOS 9 beta - Request Desktop Site

iOS 9 won’t be released until later this fall, but Apple seems to be addressing many of the issues customers have been complaining about for years. While viewing the desktop version of a website probably isn’t super high on the priority list, it goes to show that they are thinking about all the ways to streamline processes.