iPod, iPad mini 2, and iPad Air third-party retailer inventory being constrained by Apple

Target Apple inventory constraints

According to a new report, Apple has begun constraining some pieces of Apple-branded inventory for third-party retailers.

The report, recently published by MacRumors, cites information gathered by the publication in conjunction with a screenshot of the aforementioned stock, indicates that Apple could be making some big changes when it comes to the iPod lineup, the iPad mini 2 and original iPad Air. The screenshot, as seen above, is reportedly taken from within Target’s inventory system, and shows that the third-party retailer will be taking a more timid approach to stock of the iPod lineup, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air.

All models within the iPod lineup are being constrained by Target right now, which would lineup with earlier reports suggesting that the lineup could see a refresh on July 14.

Indeed, those unannounced iPod models were initially discovered within iTunes 12.2, which launched on June 30 following the release of Apple Music and iOS 8.4. While Apple did not announce new iPods with new color schemes, that’s indeed what was found within the new software, and new reports indicate that’s what the Cupertino-based company will launch soon.

Target is aiming to have one color of each model in the iPad lineups, which would seem to indicate that the company is working on information that the models will be replaced. The iPad mini 2 has already been technically replaced by the iPad mini 3, so if Apple plans on introducing an iPad mini 4, the mini 3 would effectively replace the mini 2. The same would go for the iPad Air in that situation, replaced by the iPad Air 2 when Apple introduces an iPad Air 3.

As for when Apple might actually introduce new iPad models, the safe bet would be later this year, as is typical for the yearly refresh. Are you looking forward to new iPad models?

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