Leaked images of ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ show off ‘stronger frame’ and familiar antenna lines

iPhone 6s Plus leak

The iPhone 6s Plus isn’t a real device just yet, as far as Apple official announcements are concerned, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist somewhere in the world.

Case in point, a series of new images reportedly showcasing the next version of the iPhone 6 Plus has been surfaced from the Rumor Mill, showcasing what is said to be a “stronger” frame, but also familiar antenna lines. The images come from Future Supplier by way of Nowhereelse.fr, the report indicates that the casing for the iPhone 6s Plus is indeed quite similar to the iPhone 6 Plus before it, but does specifically mention a stronger casing this time around.

iPhone 6s Plus leak3

There are some very minute differences, though, as the original report identifies. That includes a change in the screws that are used to hold the loud speaker module, but that’s about it. The report indicates that the current generation iPhone 6 Plus’s back is actually smoother than the next-gen model’s, according to a source speaking to the publication. It adds that the iPhone 6s Plus (and likely the iPhone 6s as well) is getting a stronger housing this time around.

iPhone 6 Plus leak2

It’s no surprise that the iPhone 6s Plus looks almost identical to the iPhone 6 Plus before it, as this is just another “s” variant. For those waiting for the next big alteration in the physical design, the iPhone 7 will have to do.

[via Nowwhereelse.fr; Future Supplier]