Report claims Apple to launch new iPod touch, nano and shuffle on July 14

new iPod color lineup

A report from French website claims that Apple will be announcing a new refreshed lineup of iPods on July 14th.

The source of the website claims that the iPod shuffle and nano will only get a minor refresh, with the iPod touch getting a big upgrade. The iPod nano and the iPod shuffle — codenamed N31A and N12D — will likely come in the new colors that were first found in iTunes 12.2. The iPod touch, which is codenamed N102 internally, will get a bump to a 64-bit processor from Apple, though other updates to it remain unknown for now.

iPods in unreleased colors had shown up in iTunes 12.2, which was released at the beginning of this month. This led to rumors and speculations that Apple was soon planning on launching new iPods, despite their dwindling popularity.

Will you be buying an iPod if Apple releases one next week?

[Source iGen | Via MacRumors]