Safari lets you block spam alerts from dodgy websites in iOS 9

iOS 9 block alerts Safari

Safari for iOS 9 has a new alert-blocking feature that prevents harmful websites from spamming you with popup alerts. The feature was introduced in the fourth iOS 9 beta, and it’s one of a number of big improvements Apple has made to its mobile browser for the update this fall.

We’ve all stumbled upon websites that show popup after popup and make it difficult for you to close or navigate away from the page. They usually want you to install malicious software or hand over some cash, and they’re immensely frustrating.

In Safari for Mac, Apple lets you block alerts on websites that continually attempt to display them — and now the same feature can be found on iOS. “This website is showing frequent alerts,” reads the warning. “Do you want to block future alerts from this website.”

Users can then tap the “Block Alerts” button to prevent the site from displaying further alerts.

This feature comes after a recent scam targeting iOS devices used Safari popups to trick users into making a phone call for “support.” After calling the number, users were asked to make a payment to get a fix for the bogus issue on their iOS device.

Another new feature baked into Safari in iOS 9 suggests Apple will allow content blockers that could be used to avoid ads. However, Apple is yet to clarify how the feature will work, or where we will be able to get Safari add-ons from.

[via RedmondPie]