Apple hires former senior engineer from Tesla Motors for ‘Special Projects’ division

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Apple’s Project Titan is coming along, and some believe much faster than others might expect, and Apple is certainly not slowing down on hires.

According to a report published recently by Reuters, Apple has been working to bring on engineers for its “Special Projects” division, including some from major automakers. That includes a former Tesla Motors senior engineer, which the publication notes is Jamie Carlson. It’s already showing on Carlson’s LinkedIn page that he’s working with Apple in their “Special Projects” division, but what that entails exactly isn’t known. Moreover, what Carlson was doing at Tesla Motors is unknown, other than that he was involved with Tesla’s autonomous vehicle firmware project.

That’s not the only recent hire. The report also outlines several others, including Megan McClain previously of Volkswagen, Xianqiao Tong, who developed driver assistance programs at NVIDIA, and Vinay Palakkode, a graduate researcher. It’s not a secret at this point that Apple is indeed hiring quite a lot of individuals tied in some way to the automotive industry, or those that have ties to it in some way or another.

As it stands, what Project Titan actually consists of is unknown, with reports suggesting that it could involve a self-driving car, while others indicate it might not. It’s possible that Apple is testing several different avenues of a new vehicle, which could even see the inclusion of Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) and/or BMW, where self-driving is just one testing area.

Do you think Apple should launch a car?

[via Reuters]