iPhone battery with 1715mAh capacity leaks; unlikely for the iPhone 6s


Late last month, the folks behind Nowhereelse shared images of what is allegedly the battery that will be used inside the “iPhone 6c.”

The battery has a capacity of 1715mAh, which is lower than the one used inside the iPhone 6 (1810mAh). It is unlikely that Apple will reduce the battery capacity on the next-generation iPhone 6s as it will have to significantly improve the power efficiency of all key components to make sure that there is no noticeable drop in battery life.

iPhone 6c battery

The source of the leak claims that the battery is meant for the 4-inch iPhone 6c. While rumours and leaks about Apple working on a 4-inch iPhone 6c have floated around multiple times this year, there has been no concrete leaks on this front that would confirm the existence of the device. Even analysts with close information of Apple’s supply chain have issued notes stating that the launch of a 4-inch iPhone from Apple this year seems unlikely.

The 4-inch iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sport a 1558mAh battery and 1510mAh battery, respectively, which are also nowhere close to the capacity of the battery in the leaked image.

Apple has always focused on speed and power efficiency improvements with its ‘s’ upgrades, so it might just be possible that the company has made enough improvements in key components of the device that would allow it to go with a smaller battery capacity on the iPhone 6s without affecting the battery life. It is also possible that the inclusion of Force Touch might have led to an increase in display thickness, which might have forced Apple to reduce the battery size.

In the end though, it would be disappointing if Apple ended up reducing the battery capacity on the iPhone 6s because of the power improvements it might have managed to achieve in key components. The company could have kept the battery capacity the same to offer better battery life, which is something that almost all consumers always want from their device.

[Via Nowhereelse]