Password protect individual apps on Mac OS X

Creating a passcode for individual applications should be a built-in feature for all devices. Jailbreakers and Android users are probably aware of tweaks and applications that may do this for your mobile device. But what about your Mac? Well, using Mac App Blocker you can password protect individual applications, with an added security ingrained in the software.

Password protect individual apps on Mac OS X

Mac App Blocker offers a free, 15-day trial for people who are interested in adding another level of security, beyond the standard administrator password. Anyone concerned with unauthorized access to their computer should at least have a login password. But with Mac App Blocker you can block access to any app on your computer, creating two layers of defense.

Setting Up Mac App Blocker

Download and install Mac App Blocker onto your computer. Open the program via the Applications folder. You will need to create a password that will unlock the apps you choose to lock. Please be sure to take note of this password somewhere as it would be unfortunate to remain locked out of an application on your own computer.

Mac App Blocker - Password

From the setup window, you can choose to “Launch at System Startup” as well.  This should be the preferred method for those people who do not want to constantly toggle the protection on every time they start their computer. When app lock is running, the lock icon will appear in the menu bar.

Mac App Blocker - Icon

You can access the app’s settings by tapping the lock icon at anytime.

Using App Blocker

App Blocker automatically adds vital system applications to the password protected list, which include: Terminal, Activity Monitor, System Preferences, and Console.

Mac App Blocker - DefaultRemoving Applications

You can remove these items or any app by clicking on the symbol in the bottom left corner.

App Blocker - App List

App Blocker will ask if you are sure that you want to remove the item from protection and you will hit yes. If you change your mind you can add the app back at any time.

Mac App Blocker - Remove

Adding Applications

To add an application to be password protected, tap the + in the bottom left corner and select an application from your computer.

App Blocker - Add Apps

The application(s) will be added to the list of protected applications.App Blocker - Add Apps

Incorrect Password Detection

If the password for one of these apps is not entered or entered incorrectly, App Blocker will use the camera on your device to take a picture of the user.

This is a privacy measure for you to be able to see who exactly was trying to access your applications.

Mac App Blocker - Capture

The picture will be stored under the application history of the failed app. Tap on the image to enlarge it and hit the – icon to dismiss the warning.

The app icon will also change from black to red, whenever there is a possible security issue.

Mac App Blocker - Icon

Creating Application Rules

For each application added to App Blocker you can create rules for App Blocker to abide by.

App Blocker - Rules

You can can force close apps that are inactive for more than five minutes or limit the amount of times an application can be opened per day. And you can have more than one rule working at the same time.

App Blocker - Adding Rules

These rules are really useful for people who share computers, want to limit use of certain apps, or stick to a schedule, perhaps for work. App Blocker is great application for people interested in not only locking their application but creating an easily configurable security system for the computer.

If you are happy with the trial version of Mac App Blocker, you can purchase the full program for $9.95 on their homepage.