Unable to answer calls on your iPhone? Try this solution

Unable to answer calls

One of the issues that I face on my iPhone 6 Plus, is the inability to take incoming calls sometimes.

I face this problem when the iPhone is unlocked, and I get an option to Accept (answer) the incoming call. Sometimes I am not able to answer the call even after I tap on the Accept button several times. The Answer button is unresponsive and I typically end up missing the call.

However, when the iPhone is locked, I seem to be able to answer the call by swiping on the slide to answer slider.

It seems to be a bug with iOS 8, and nothing seems to have solved the issue. Since I have got my iPhone 6 Plus I have rebooted it several times, even Reset Network Settings. None of the iOS 8 software updates have also magically fixed the issue.

However, I’ve figured out a workaround to answer the call in this situation. When I get a call and I am not able to answer it when I tap on the Accept button, I press the Sleep/Wake button, and it seems to do the trick sometimes. Ideally, the Sleep/Wake button should silence the call (so not a great solution if you want to silence the call), but in my case it helps me answer the call. This trick doesn’t work all the time.

I haven’t tried restoring my iPhone. But if you’re facing the problem then that could be the last resort to see if it helps. Some people have said that restarting the iPhone seems to help temporarily, but they face the issue again after some time.

It is an annoying problem. Thankfully I don’t get a lot of phone calls, otherwise I would have been forced to restore my iPhone.

Have you faced this problem? Let me know if you’ve figured out a more reliable way to fix it.