Sprint’s ‘iPhone Forever’ program will let you upgrade to an iPhone for only $22/month

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Sprint today announced a new plan called “iPhone Forever” that will allow its subscribers to upgrade to the latest iPhone who are using a previous version of the handset.

This plan will allow any eligible Sprint customer can walk in to a Sprint store, Best Buy or Target store, upgrade to the iPhone 6, and walk out without paying a penny.

However, their monthly bill will include an additional fees of $22 per month as lease pricing. If customers are willing to trade-in any smartphone by December 31, 2015 , they will be able to upgrade to the iPhone 16 GB for a promotional leasing fees of only $15 per month.

Sprint iPhone Forever

Additionally, the carrier will allow customers who trade in their smartphone for an iPhone 6 right now to upgrade to the next generation iPhone, which is due to be launched in September, while still keeping their promotional lease fees of $15.

1. Get a 16GB iPhone 6 model for $22 (or the $15 special promotional price with trade-in) when you activate on any individual unlimited plan or family share pack plan.

2. Upgrade to the latest iPhone by the end of the year and keep the $15 a month special promotion price.

3. At your next upgrade, the monthly cost is $22. (Excludes taxes and service plan charges.)

The carrier has also posted a comparison chart showing how its iPhone plan compares to other similar offerings from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. However, the carrier has used its promotional pricing of $15 per month, which skews the whole chart in its favor.

You can find more information about Sprint’s ‘iPhone Forever’ program here.

[Via Sprint]