Apple’s A9 chip isn’t segmented by iPhone size; manufacturing split 60/40 between TSMC and Samsung

iPhone 6s A9 chip disbursement chart

Leading up to the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the general consensus was that Apple was distributing manufacturing requests for the A9 processor between Samsung and TSMC.

Now, as usual, the longer that the new iPhones are available to the public, more details are beginning to come to light. Recently it was discovered that the processor manufactured by Samsung is actually 10 percent smaller than the one put together by TSMC. Now, thanks to developer Hiraku Wang, we’ve got even more details regarding the split between distribution from each company.

First and foremost, Wang developed an app that would tell the owner which processor they had installed in their phone. With the results of 2,500 iPhones, Wang was able to determine that the size of the iPhone doesn’t necessarily determine which A9 processor is going to be installed. Meaning, the large TSMC-manufactured A9 isn’t getting installed in only iPhone 6s models, and Samsung’s smaller processor isn’t getting equipped in the smaller iPhone 6s.

Moreover, there are more TSMC chips out there in the wild than there are Samsung. The results indicate that TSMC’s chips are installed in 58.96% of iPhones, while Samsung’s is currently installed in 41.04 percent of iPhones. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just the data pulled from iPhones that have installed the app, so the pool of devices out there in the wild is much, much bigger.

All in all, while the split is certainly present across the devices, it would appear that the most important question of whether or not there’s a noticeable performance difference remains that there isn’t, especially not in daily usage. Unfortunately the app doesn’t test this sort of thing, and so it will be left to those who do more extensive testing to find out the differences between the processors, if any exist to begin with, other than size.

[via MacRumors; @hirakujira]