Apple Car now a ‘committed project,’ with a target ship date of 2019

image Apple Car artist concept

The Apple Car rumors and reports effectively popped up out of the blue, but quickly caught fire and spread, with the general consensus that, remarkably, Apple is indeed building an electric car.

The company may be trying to keep the project a secret, just as it does with every project, but that hasn’t stopped the Rumor Mill from ejecting a constant barrage of speculation. Indeed, back in February of this year a report surfaced that suggested Apple was aiming for a ship date of 2020, with production kicking off early in the year. Of course, there are reports of Apple’s hiring for “Project Titan,” including a senior engineer from Tesla Motors.

Now, according to a report published recently by the Wall Street Journal, Apple has effectively bumped up the Titan project to a “committed project,” and, with that, is focusing on a target ship date of 2019. The report indicates that Apple has held several different meetings in this effort, including, as previously reported, government officials in California. As a result of those talks, and apparently Apple seeing the feasibility of the project, the project leaders have given an injection to the team’s numbers, opting to triple the already 600-person team.

Unfortunately, while the details are starting to come into the light, and it looks like Project Titan is bearing down on the automotive industry, there is still plenty that remains a mystery. That includes whether or not Apple has a manufacturing partner in this endeavor. Apple’s manufacturing prowess comes from contracts with several different companies to bring the individual parts to bear, including Foxconn. However, as noted in the original report, auto manufacturers tend to use their own factories, something that Apple doesn’t do.

It should be worth noting that even as Apple eyes a target ship date of 2019, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the year that consumers could get behind the wheel of Apple’s electric vehicle. That could be the target date for when engineers sign off on the finalized product, and then, at some point in the near future, production would begin. This could mean that aforementioned 2020 date is still on course.

What do you think of the idea of an Apple Car?

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