Apple agrees to pay L.A. school district $4.2 million due to failed iPad initiative for students

APphoto_LA Schools iPads

In late September of 2013, a new program called “iPads for All” launched in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which saw upwards of 40,000 iPads handed out to students with proprietary curriculum pre-installed.

Unfortunately, almost exactly at the same time, the LAUSD was already planning on halting the program due to that curriculum and a variety of other reasons. Eventually, in December of 2014, the program was ended and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) subpoenaed a series of documents in light of the suspension of the program back in 2014.

Now, almost a year later, Apple has agreed to pay the L.A. school district $4.2 million due to the failure of the program:

“Under the agreement, Apple will pay the district $4.2 million. Another computer company, Lenovo, also had charged the district for Pearson curriculum. The district won’t have to pay $2.2 million for laptops recently purchased, according to the settlement.”

The Board of Education will need to take a vote in light of the settlement announcement, but that won’t happen until October. That vote will either approve or not approve the pending settlement decision. If the board agrees to the settlement, then that money will be used to buy computers for classrooms through a district grant program.

[via The Los Angeles Times]