Apple says a future update will fix one of Live Photos shortcoming on the iPhone 6s


The first batch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus reviews were out earlier today. Almost all the reviews of the new iPhones praised 3D Touch, called Live Photos a great new feature to have, and said that the new cameras are significantly better than their predecessors.

A couple of reviewers noted that while Live Photos was a fun new feature to have, it is somewhat ruined on occasions where it ends up recording the camera up and down movement. However, Apple has reassured to these reviewers that it will be rolling out an update soon that will somewhat fix this issue.

Here is what Pocket-Lint had to say about this upcoming update in their review:

Apple tells us that Live Photos will get even better with an upcoming software update that will intelligently sense when you raise or lower the phone, so automatic capture will take place at the pinnacle moment. We can definitely see the need for that, as a lot of Live Photos we’ve shot include the footage of us hastily dropping the camera after taking the shot. Another frustration is that audio is automatically recorded, which at times is lovely – a child’s giggle for example – but not so great when you’ve got the same child screaming in the background.

It is likely that Apple will roll out this new software update within a week or two of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hitting the retail stores on September 25.

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