How to customize the Assistive Touch menu in iOS 9

Usually when one of my friends has Assistive Touch enabled, their iPhone home button is broken or their screen is cracked beyond usability. But Assistive Touch comes in handy for more than just the clumsy friend. To make Assistive Touch more useful for your needs, you can customize the top-level menu in iOS 9. 

How to Customize the Top Level menu in Assistive Touch

Step 1.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch.

Step 2.

In the Assistive Touch section, select ‘Customize Top Level Menu…” to begin adding and altering the default Assistive Touch menu options.

Assistive Touch Menu

Step 3.

In the Customize Top Level Menu you’ll see the standard 6 icon configuration that most Assistive Touch users are familiar with. To change an option, simply tap on any on of the six icons and choose another tool from the options list.

Replace - Assistive Menu

Items that you have selected to appear in the Assistive Touch menu will be grayed out in the list.

Step 4.

To add or remove icons tap the plus or minus buttons in the bottom-right corner. Depending on your selection it will add an icon spot or remove an existing icon. Once the space for the icon has been added, tap the + icon and select again from the list of options. You can now have up to 8 icons on the Assistive Touch Menu.

Add - Remove - Icons

You can reset a configuration at any time by scrolling down to reveal the Reset button.

Menu - Reset - Assistive Touch

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These option to customize the Assistive Touch top-level menu makes the app more useful for more people thanks to its support of different apps and space for more icons.

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