iOS 8 adoption rate at 87% ahead of iOS 9 release


Less than a week before Apple is scheduled to unveil the new iPhones and the final release of iOS 9 to the public, the company has updated its iOS distribution chart to reflect that iOS 8 is now running on 87 percent of iOS devices out there.

Surprisingly, iOS 7 continues to run on 12 percent iOS devices, while 2 percent iOS devices are running an even older version of the OS.

ios8-adoption rate

iOS 8 has had a slow adoption rate compared to previous versions of the OS due to the lack of free space in most iPhones with 8 or 16GB storage space. For comparison, iOS 7 had reach an installation base of 90 percent by July in 2014.

With iOS 9 all set to launch sometime later this month to the public though, it is just a matter of a couple of weeks at best before iOS 8 largely loses its relevancy, especially since the new release of iOS will support all devices that were already supported by the former.

iOS 9 comes with a number of new features, including Proactive, a smarter Siri, better battery life, a new Notes app, and more.