iPad mini 4 boasts ‘great display’ with full color gamut and ‘record low reflectance’


It’s hard to argue the importance of the display on our mobile devices these days, and it looks like owners of the iPad mini 4 won’t be disappointed.

According to results published recently by DisplayMate, the iPad mini 4 features a decently upgraded display when compared to the panel used in the iPad mini 3. More than that, DisplayMate says that the newest iPad mini has finally “become a full fledged respectable iPad family member,” thanks to the improvements that Apple made to the screen.

All-in-all, it would appear that Apple took the display on the iPad mini 4 quite seriously, boosting it in all the right ways. DisplayMate notes that the new screen boasts an accurate 101% sRGB Color Gamut, which is a sharp increase from the 61% Color Gamut found in the iPad mini 3. On top of that, the iPad mini 4 features only 2.0% reflectance, which is actually the lowest the researchers have ever measured in a mobile device. For comparison, the iPad mini 3 had a 6.5% reflectance, while the original iPad mini had a 9.0 percent reflectance.

The results show that the iPad mini 4 is now perfectly in line with its display alongside the rest of the iOS family, including the iPhone lineup and the full-size iPads. That means color-matched photos and screen images across devices, which should make looking at them from one mobile device to another not so jarring for those that notice that type of thing. DisplayMate says the new iPad mini 4 “truly qualifies as a small version of the iPad Air 2.”

DisplayMate says that the 2.0% reflectance on the iPad mini 4 is a true benchmark for not just the iPad lineup, but tablets in general, and that if the other companies want to stay competitive, then they will have to aim for this same percentage in their own devices.

Apple unveiled the iPad mini 4 on September 9, with prices starting at $399.

Did you plan on picking up an iPad mini 4?

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