Confirmed: iPhone 6s has 2GB RAM and iPad Pro has 4GB RAM

iPhone 6s has 2GB of RAM

Whenever a new iPhone is announced, Apple rarely — if at all — makes reference to how much RAM is under the hood.

The iPhone 6s tech specs page also did not provide any details about the RAM.

But well-known iOS developer Hamza Sood has just confirmed that the new iPhones indeed come with 2GB of RAM. It also means iPhone 6s Plus will have 2GB of RAM. He has also confirmed that iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM, but an Adobe press release had accidentally revealed it.

He seems to have run a simple test in Xcode to confirm it as you can see in the screenshot above. He has explained in a followup tweet that the image assets (1GB, 2GB, 4GB) were based on the memoryClass key.

It was widely speculated that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would come with 2GB RAM so it doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, it comes as a relief as there were whispers that the new iPhones came with only 1GB RAM.