A telepresence robot is fourth in line at an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia

Telepresence iPhone 6s robot2

As iPhone popularity skyrocketed, so did waiting in lines. Being in a queue in front of an Apple Store has become something of a phenomenon all on its own over the years, and now robots are involved, too.

Lucy Kelly is an agency executive based out of Sydney, Australia, and as Mashable reports, she’s decided to stay home for the launch of the iPhone 6s, while also queueing up in front of the Apple Store at the same time. Kelly is using a telepresence robot, which is an iPad attached to a Segway-like device, and has a solid place of fourth in the growing line in front of the Apple Store.

There’s even a tent there, along with a charging port, so that the robot can keep going, and stay out of the rain if necessary, as it waits in line for one night in preparation for the iPhone’s launch:

“She will wait in line for one night, in a special tent that comes complete with a charger to keep her juiced up and gives shelter from the rain. Kelly will be her face and voice for the duration. “I am staying here the whole time,” she said. If all goes to plan, the robot will then purchase the iPhone without any human interaction.”

Telepresence iPhone 6s robot

Kelly actually plans on purchasing the new iPhone with the robot, too, but the article doesn’t articulate how that will take place. On top of that, while some might consider folks in line behind the robot might not be all that pleased with the situation, Kelly says that’s not the case at all, and says that people have been excited to see a robot standing in line.

How would you feel if someone was using a telepresence robot to wait in line?

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