iPhone 6s Plus bend test video: Will it bend?

iPhone 6s

Soon after the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year, it was discovered that the larger iPhone could be easily bent by applying force in the middle, or by just carrying the phone around in one’s back pocket for a few days.

The issue turned out to be a common problem with the iPhone 6 Plus and was termed as ‘BendGate.’

This year, Apple is trying to solve this issue by using a stronger Series 7000 aluminium and the “world’s strongest glass” on the iPhone 6s Plus. So, is the new iPhone 6s Plus bend proof? If the below video from FoneFox is to be believed, then the answer is a resounding yes.

The video starts with Christian trying to use his thumbs to bend the iPhone 6s Plus, which was more than enough to easily bend its predecessor. However, even after multiple tries, the iPhone 6s Plus did not bend at all in the same test. It did flex a bit and Christian even felt his thumb sink into the back of the phone during the process, but the device snapped back into its original state when the pressure being applied was stopped.

It is only when a second person comes in to help in the bend test that the iPhone 6s Plus gives away. In first try, the phone bent only slightly, and it was only after the second and third attempts that the bend was noticeable. Considering that it took a tremendous amount of power from two persons to bend the iPhone 6s Plus, it can be safely concluded that the device is less prone to bending in normal day-to-day use compared to its predecessor.

For comparison, check out the bend gate video of the original iPhone 6 Plus.